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AmericaArmy – Boats – Reporter at large – Portraits – with friends
Ann, Poppy & J.W.

Ann, Poppy & J.W., 1951

with Theodore Kaghan, “WITNESS” (cont?)

“WITNESS” (cont?). Theodore Kaghan (l.) and J.Wechsberg meet furtively in a dark corner of Arlberg-Orient Express before Wechsberg’s departure for Budapest and Bucharest where he was invited by Red Rumanian government. Content of conversation was not overheard. Presumably further strategy was being discussed. Kaghan has admitted to living for nine months with known Communist (male), in early thirties. Wechsberg admits to like Malosol caviar and boeuf Stroganoff, in early fifties. Picture was snapped by State Department’s “mystery” photographer M <R.O.K. MOTO



J.W. with Jan Morega

With Jan Morega

With Mr. & Mrs. Shawn in USA

With Mr. & Mrs. Shawn & Poppy in USA

J.W. with friends in Connecticut

In Connecticut with friends, Mr. Reynolds in the back row

J.W. with Fernand Point

With Fernand Point

cru de St. Julien

Passants! Vous entrez sur l’antique et célèbre cru de St. Julien. Saluez!
Wines and chateaux

with Alexis Lichine and friends

With Alexis Lichine, author of Wines of France.

J.W. with friends in France

With friends in France

With Henri Soulé (middle) and Mr.O’Connor, manager of the Ritz Carlton

With Henri Soulé (middle) and Mr.O’Connor, manager of the Ritz Carlton prior to a party given for the publi-cation of Dining at the Pavillon in 1962

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