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List of articles written by Joseph Wechsberg for The New Yorker: 1970s.
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1970s — 1960s1950s1940s
The Talk of the Town; Joseph Wechsberg; Jervis Anderson; 12 April 1976, page 27.

Profiles: La Nature des Choses; 18 July, 1975, page 34.

Profiles: The Outsider; 14 January 1974, page 35.

Letter from Vienna; 10 December 1973, page 149.

Letter from Berlin; 3 March 1973, page 86.

A Reporter at Large: Morketide; 18 March 1972, page 103.

Letter from Berlin; 27 June 1970, page 69.

Profiles: Orechestra; 30 May 1970, page 38.


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